Giggles, Giggles and More Giggles

• 06 January 2008

E. requested a "snowflake party" this year...a perfect scenario for a wintry January and after-Christmas clearance sales! We hit the party store for the basic party ware (balloons, hanging snowflakes, plates, cups, doilies, etc.) and added a few special things from Martha Stewart Crafts to make it more unique.

For games we played "pin-the-snowflake-on-the-girls'-nose" I know, I know...but we were desperate! Figuring out something to pin a snowflake on was actually fairly challenging--obviously :) At L.'s Monkey party the kids enjoyed "pin-the-tail-on-the-monkey" so much that I could not resist doing it again. The giggles were contagious! I put the husband in charge of the artwork for this one. Until I start my watercolor class in a few weeks, I am not confident in my artistic abilities in any shape or form.

The kids also played a snowflake matching game--we cut out identical snowflakes and numbered them before placing them randomly throughout the main level. It was a little more difficult than I anticipated because of the amount of concentration it required but it did calm them down a little before the sugar high I sent them all on a few minutes later (sorry parents!). Lucky for me I found a great post about another Snowflake Party on this blog and decided to make the little marshmallow snowmen as the craft. Thanks Amanda!

For treats I sugared them up on Frosted Vanilla Cupcakes and iced sugar cookies and then sent them on their merry way all ready for lunch (or not!). It was a nice little group and far less overwhelming than the bigger parties we hosted for her in the past. E. enjoyed herself and that's all that matters to me!


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