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Hostess Gift Ideas on the Go

• 09 January 2008

Thoughtful hostess gifts are the best kind to give, we all know that to be true. However, not all thoughtful hostess gifts require considerable advance planning. Here are a few ideas that are easy to put together the day of:

1. Flowers: Head to the grocery store (you're already there anyway most days!) and buy three or four small bunches of flowers or one large bunch (Costco has great flowers most days). Take the flowers home and arrange them nicely in wrapping paper you have on hand. Kraft brown paper works well here or anything from the Paper Source. Tie with a simple ribbon and gift tag.

Here is a picture of a bunch of flowers I arranged for my friend Susan before a dinner recently.

tag from every jot and tittle
2. Box of Chocolates: Use the opportunity as an excuse to visit your favorite local bakery or chocolate shop. Buy a box of your favorite chocolates or treats. Many bakeries and chocolate shops offer their own gift wrap, for free. Point out that your purchase is a gift and ask if they can gift wrap for you.

3. Exotic Fruit: Real Simple magazine also mentions pineapples (tied with a bright ribbon) as a great last-minute hostess gift. I would have to agree.

4. Plant: Talk about a gift that keeps on giving. Luckily for Salt Lakers, Cactus & Tropicals is nearby to provide a beautiful plant, care instructions and beautiful wrapping to go along with it--for two dollars extra. I think I'll be heading there today to buy a little hostess giftie myself.


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