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Growing Paperwhites

• 10 January 2008

Just a few more weeks left to take advantage of the paperwhite growing season (bulbs should be started between Oct & Jan supposedly) so take advantage of the post-holiday sales on paperwhite bulbs and stock up on a few. I think it would be a fun idea to buy some inexpensive vases or containers, (maybe at Tai Pan Trading?) fill with river rocks , (IKEA?) and then place about 3 bulbs in each container. If you started them in the next few weeks, you could give them to friends and family for Valentines Day. Don't forget to attach a big red bow!

Click here for a "how-to-grow-paperwhites" tutorial.

Interested in shopping online for bulbs? Click here for a good deal. If anyone has seen them cheaper elsewhere, please share!

Tip: Paperwhites tend to grow very tall and often flop to one side. To avoid this phenomenon root the bulbs in gravel (I think small, polished rocks would suffice) with a solution of 1 part rubbing alcohol and 10 parts water. They will (in theory) stop growing at about two-thirds their usual height.

per Martha Stewart's Good Things


  1. I was married in December and my MIL forced paperwhites in pots for centerpieces at the reception they hosted in Cache Valley. They were lovely!

  2. so pretty!

    i very diligently watered mine with the alcohol solution, and was bummed that they still got very tall and flopped over. but they did smell good. guess you can't have everything.

  3. If you haven't checked out the dollar store near you, now would be the time. You will find lots of items there that you regularly use for a mere dollar each! Among those items are net bags containing more than enough river rocks for your paperwhites! If you need glass vases, they are there, too. Walk up and down every aisle and I promise that you will be pleasantly surprised and then surprised again at the cash register when you see how many useful things you got for so few $$$!


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