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How to Host a Raclette Party

• 11 January 2008

A fun way to dig in and savor this cold winter weather is to host a raclette party. Raclette is a type of cheese made in France and Switzerland for the sole purpose of being heated and then scraped onto little boiled potatoes. When the husband served a mission for our church, he became exposed to this goodness and we continue the tradition in our family (and with friends) today. I love placing the raclette machine in the middle of the table with our guests sitting around talking and eating....more talking and eating. It's a very social meal, much like fondue.

You will need to first invest in a raclette machine which can be purchased here or at your local gourmet kitchen store (we found ours in San Francisco).

The general rule of thumb for cheese is to purchase 1/3 lb. raclette per person. Locally, you can find raclette at Harmons or Liberty Heights Fresh. I believe both places offer both French raclette (more earthy) and Swiss raclette (more refined). Slice up the cheese rather thin and then place in the little trays under the heated machine until bubbly. Scrape onto boiled potatotes and enjoy. If you are up for trying something new, and easy, give this raclette party menu a try:

* Harmons homemade italian sweet sausage with fennel (grill on top of the raclette machine)
* good olives and fresh cornichons (the latter being a traditional accompaniment) from Liberty Heights Fresh
* boiled Yukon gold potatoes in the smallest size available (sprinkle a little nutmeg or paprika on top for an extra zing)
* grilled zucchini (again, grill on top)
* a crusty French loaf or baguette

Bon Appetit! Oh, and email me if you have further questions~


  1. My nephew is serving his mission in Switzerland right now. Raclette is his favorite, as he writes. Where did your husband serve?

  2. He served in the Geneva Switzerland mission, which took in a good portion of France as well. He was there mid-90's.

  3. I had raclette in France many years was wonderful! Our friends in Marennes (near Bordeaux) served us endless wonderful French meals, but the raclette was my favorite. I even tried escargot. Once.

  4. oh, that looks so yummy. one day i will do this!!

  5. What a great idea! We love fondue with friends and have great memories of raclette in France. I'm thinking the kids will love it too...we WILL do this! Thanks for the reminder! I know how I'm spending my WilliamSonoma gift card.

  6. If you like this idea, also try Ploughman's Lunch, a staple in British pubs and so easy and delicious! Google this and you will find good recipes. Be sure to include Brnaston Pickle...a different and delicious accompaniment to this. You will find it in gourmet or specialty markets in the international aisle. Enjoy!!!

  7. We also cook little meals in our raclette pans- First you put in a little bacon or butter and then any combination of meat and veggies that you like. Usually we have marinated chicken and steak, green, red and yellow peppers, onion, minced garlic, tomatoes... everything is chopped really small. You cook it up in the pans on top and pour it over rice or boiled potatoes. And then we poor Gouda Cheese over that (melted in the cheese pans underneath). It's yummy and any leftovers make a great skillet meal the next day. My husband likes to make an omelot in his. Oh and for dessert we have Panekukkens with chocolate and berries and anything sweet you like. Be careful with the berries- they are juicy and can make the pans overflow. These we cook on top until it is almost time and then you put it underneath to finish it. Yummy!


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