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the Look for Less

• 10 January 2008

I saw these beautiful lattice jars (perfect accessory for the modern Moroccan theme circulating the design realm) in Domino first, and then in Williams Sonoma Home next for much more.

If you love them, don't pay full price. Use the coupon code "domino" at checkout for an additional 20% off. It just goes to show that if you find an accessory that you love, but is overpriced, you can almost always find the same thing (or something very similar) for a lower price.

Click here for budget version. Click here for pricier version. Do you see a difference?

If you're local, I noticed an uber-inexpensive version in the Centerville Target's Global Bazaar section.


  1. Ft. Union target is always so overpicked in everything! I always seem to find what I'm looking for at the Centerville store.

  2. Amber, I feel the same way. Apparently the Ft. Union store is the busiest in its region (dakotas, Montana, ID, Colorado, etc.) The manager told me that one night when I was the last customer there :) He was quite proud of his store!

  3. I'm been lurking for a while, you do find such wonderful things!


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