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Her Desk

• 15 July 2008

Lots of homes are equipped with a desk...but it belongs to him. What about her? :)

This is the perfect desk for any gal. Pink and green? Delightful. Just looking at this picture evokes feelings of happiness and I think if this was my desk, I'd want to spend more than a few minutes there each and every day. I like the idea of having a personal space for writing letters, writing in a journal (something I struggle with...hence blogging?), making lists, light reading, creating something, etc.

As far as contructing a desk like this is concerned, it looks fairly simple at a bare bones level. I bet your local carpenter could make something basic for a bargain. Then, you could add color by painting both the interior and exterior, as well as add some fun hooks from say your local hardware store or Anthropologie. Throw in a few mason jars to use as storage and you're good to go!

photo courtesy of Martha Stewart Living


  1. i remember loving this when i saw it in the magazine, too. i think it said those were just two inexpensive bookshelves hinged together. it could close for neatness' sake, too, i think. so pretty!

  2. I would love a desk like that! I love the idea of two bookshelves put together like that!

  3. This is sooo awesome! I want anything that looks this easy to organize and clean.


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