Recession Gourmet

• 15 July 2008

Each month I attempt to record my expenses in an Excel spreadsheet. "Attempt" being the key word here :) I'm usually good at doing it until about the 13th or 14th and then lose steam before starting up again next month. And so the cycle goes. Although I am now at the "losing steam" point of the month, I've traced my expenses for the past two weeks and I am freaking out at how much I've spent on groceries. Time to re-think some of the meals I'd like to prepare and opt for simpler fare. For this week's menu I'm going to use a lot of pantry items already on hand and supplement with healthy doses of fresh produce, a little meat and herbs from my {very small} garden.

Bottom Line: These days I am thinking a lot about how to continue to eat well and still keep our food expenses within certain parameters.

I guess I'm not the only one pondering this issue...Time magazine appears to be fairly concerned as well. Today's issue arrived featuring an article entitled "Recession Gourmet". My curiosity was piqued by the header alone. Basically, the staff challenged acclaimed chef Tom Colicchio to create a gourmet meal for 4 people for around $10. He came close...$11.88 for Fennel Pork Loin and Pasta Vegetarienne, which ended up feeding 5 :)

You can read more about it here and view several recipes within these parameters here. Fantastic ideas!


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