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Old Man

• 19 August 2008

There is a great song by Neil Young called "Old Man" and I think of that song when I look at pictures of this humble farmer we encountered a few times at different markets in the area. On a rainy day he was the only one without an umbrella so he caught our eye. Oh what a sweet man he was. We bought some of his delicious haricots verts one day and then some more another another market. It was worth the 8 Euros just to see him whip out this ancient instrument to weigh our goods...excellent beans aside. I find it incredibly refreshing that there are people out there like him. I will remember our short encounters with him for a long time.


  1. I love buying directly from farmer's. It makes me so happy to support them!

  2. Wow, and I thought I bought a lot of green beans at the farmer's market. Also, I can't figure out how B. is holding S. and holding that umbrella. It's impressive!

  3. That will be one of the sweet memories of your trip : )

    They are very beautiful vegetables!


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