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Cher's Living Room Update

• 26 January 2009

My sister Cher has done an amazing job renovating and decorating her "Doris Day House" just outside Seattle's city limits. Every time we visit the Husband drools over her latest and greatest project (almost all of which she completes herself) and the overall look of her home. It really is fun to see what she's up to...and it's always something! This month it's updating her living room.

To do it all on a budget, she visits her local thrift store regularly, shops on Craigslist & IKEA, and then occasionally purchases a new piece at a furniture store if it's on super sale. Her mother-in-law calls her a "recessionista" because of her resourceful ways of procuring beautiful things.

Is anyone else loving that coffee table besides me? I'd love to save up for that pretty li'l thang. I'm sure I've got a few things around here to sell...:)

P.S. Cher, I love the new plant. It's just what your space needed.


  1. Ooh, I love the juxtaposition of those two paint colors together. Tres classy - something I'd never come up with, for sure!

  2. The lamp and the light fixture are my two favorites. What a pretty room!

  3. beautiful space. i like the plexi coffee table on those fluffy rugs.

  4. I absolutely love this - the colors, style, all of it!! Great job Cher!!

  5. I like all the different textures of white: the lamp, the rug, the sofa, etc. Very chic!

  6. wow! impressive! ask her to come to my house!

  7. love this. i have had my eye on that same coffee table. seeing hers makes me want it still (and more). you gals are good. xoxo

  8. Wow! Looooove that living room. It looks so nice without feeling like you can't just hang out in there.


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