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Tell Me 'Bout It

• 27 January 2009

There was a time when I was childless and didn't have a remotely accurate understanding of what mothers "did all day":) I think this column sums it up nicely, with a bit of humor in the mix.

Thanks Cher for the referral...I chuckled when I read this and I needed a good laugh today :)


  1. I've always wanted an answer to that question. Now I have it. When someone has asked, my first response is usually, "Uh... well..." and I hate that I'm exhausted but can't think of a single thing we "did".

  2. she didn't even mention the laundry! people without kids just don't understand the massive amounts of laundry yielded by these little people. even just one tiny baby adds four or five loads AT LEAST.

  3. this made me laugh out loud! brilliant...

  4. I wish there was an answer like that when I was a stay-at-home mom! I actually met a woman who admitted that she couldn't get back to her job fast enough after having her baby because it was much easier to work outside the home. Well put!


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