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Pitching In

• 13 January 2009

May the recession bring out the best in us, and not the worst. May we find skills, talents, and increased motivation to improve ourselves and our lives. May we appreciate what we have. May we be more tender, and less tough. May we be less like the contestants on True Beauty :)

Just a few thoughts from this poignant essay featured in Time recently. Read it here.


  1. Love this - thanks for sharing - i'm going to repost on my blog!

    have a great day steph!

    J :)

  2. So poignant. Thanks for posting that article. I love being in this "soup" together!

  3. this is great Stephanie... lovely, hopeful.

  4. I'm curious about where you found that illustration of the two men and a rope. It's cool! Good article.

  5. A lovely article - thanks for sharing this. It's nice to see something positive about the recession instead of yet another doom and gloom article.


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