Sewing for Victory

• 20 March 2009

I clipped the editor's letter from the last month's issue of Readymade, but never posted about it...until I saw a poignant post about the same letter on new favorite, inchmark. I decided it was about time I say a few words on the subject myself.

The first thought that came to my mind as I read the note and soaked in the images was how so many sacrificed during this era (is it me or were the WPA projects total inspiration?). The citizens of this era didn't have time for hobbies, like many of us today; they were so busy surviving, and contributing what they could they couldn't indulge in such luxuries. We live in what many refer to as the Age of Entitlement and reminders--like those from Readymade's editor--cause my mind to spin in all sorts of directions. First and foremost were these two questions:

1. What kinds of sacrifices am I willing to make for my community, my neighbors and my country?

2. Are we capable, as a nation standing amidst a world of troubles, of working as a team and lending a helping hand?

I hope the answer to both is "yes" but I guess time will tell...let's just hope we all come out of this better--and less selfish--people.


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