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How to Become a {Somewhat} Organized Person

• 20 March 2009

Grab a Buddy.

No, I'm serious. You can read about it here.

P.S. Forgive me for recycling a post...I've been thinking a lot about these swaps and how much they help me in my life. I would be a mess without them :)

P.P.S. In my dreams I have a pantry, or shall I say "room", like Ina does at her home/barn in the Hamptons. Pretty dreamy. It makes me want to cook/bake/ long as I have access to this type of stash!

image via Apartment Therapy via House Beautiful


  1. I love this idea! I have heard of swapping meals, though I don't have anyone close by interested yet--perhaps I have too many kids! But I really love the idea of swapping when it comes to some organizing and cleaning. It's like working out with a friend...someone is waiting on you so you have to do it! Thanks for the great tip!

  2. What a great idea! I just finished reorganizing my kitchen and it would have been great to have a friend there to help. p.s. What wouldn't I give to have a beautiful "barn" dedicated to my enjoyment of cooking. I heart Ina.

  3. Ina's barn makes me swoon. I'd love to have that room myself--everything is visible and accessible! And so much light!

  4. In my dreams too! I love Ina Garten! It was great to meet you, Stephanie!

  5. My sister has a big pantry like that, it's just awe-inspiring. I love it. Not only does she have her room-like humongous pantry, but she also has a butler's pantry by her dining room. TWO PANTRIES? is that really fair?


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