stephmodo: Today's Project: Felt Landscape Box

Today's Project: Felt Landscape Box

• 26 March 2009

I spotted this little project in a recent issue of Kiwi and knew it would be the perfect project for my oldest daughter. Sadly the tutorial isn't available online but luckily it's easy to figure out just by looking at the picture (supplies: shoe box, felt & glue). I remember making something similar as a child so I'm actually kind of excited myself :) One of my favorite parts of parenting is doing something with my child/children that I did as a child; does anyone else feel like this?


  1. i really like this idea! do you just trace something and cut the felt out? those look like die cuts...are they?

  2. My Mom made me something like this as a child. Instead of a shoebox, she used a large plastic pencil box with felt on the back of the lid, and all the felt pieces would store in there. We would play with it church.

  3. What a cute idea! I, too, love doing things with my kids that I did as a kid.

  4. How cute! I remember doing something like that as a kid too, and it's fun to pass those memories along to the next generation.


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