La Maisonnette: Clearing a Stone Wall

• 03 June 2009

Our dear friend Scott was kind enough to join the Husband for a week of work, work and more work. What a pal...for 6 days he jack hammered the hours away and didn't even take a short break to tour the castle right. next. door. As a result of his efforts, we now have an extra exposed stone wall (vs. nasty plaster) amongst other little treasures. What a treat for us (and our future guests) to enjoy an additional 400-year-old stone wall. What a delightful and unexpected surprise.

Thankfully Scott documented this arduous process and created a time lapse video, which naturally caused me to appreciate him even more. I'm so grateful he did and I confess I will never look at this particular wall the same again. I believe he filmed the clearing of the wall over a five hour period.

Jackhammer Time Lapse from Scott Lunt on Vimeo.

...and the fruits of his labor--what a beauty! Now we need to figure out how to rework the rest of the plaster in this space...

p.s. after mulling it over, we've decided to call the house La Maisonette; this post as well as future posts will be labeled accordingly :)

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images by Scott Lunt


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