stephmodo: Assembling an Armoire

Assembling an Armoire

• 09 August 2009

Have you ever put together an armoire from the late 1800's that came in 15 pieces? :) Me neither, until yesterday! After an hour of assembly, I can honestly say they "don't make 'em like they used to". The quality and precision taken into consideration to create such an outstanding piece of furniture is amazing. Oddly enough, I found it easier to put this armoire together than almost any furniture from IKEA :)


  1. Oh, that is exciting.
    Armoires in and of themselves are exciting to me. Circa 1800s armoires from France make me want to jump up and down. When do we get to see the lovely assembled piece?

  2. We have a turn of the last century German/Swiss armoire that comes apart into pieces for transport and then reassembles, just as it appears yours does.

    I'm struck by the craftsmanship and thoughtfulness it took to create a giant piece made of smaller, more intricate pieces. If a single piece broke, you could easily have another made--you wouldn't have to toss the whole thing.

  3. That's so neat! I bought a late 1800s clothing display case back in the States. It breaks down into about six large, surprisingly light-weight pieces.

    Where did you get the armoire?

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  5. I have a large French antique armoire that comes apart in all those pieces, too! It's quite a chore to put together, but it is so beautiful (You've seen it) I was told by the antique dealer that sold it to me that they are put together that way so they can expand and contract with the temperatures, as they were made for unheated/un-air-conditioned homes. Hopefully I won't have to take it apart and move it for quite some time!


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