• 09 August 2009

1. All the women are donning light, summer dresses and sandals; not the shorts that we Americans wear (including me!). It's really fun for me to see and to be quite honest, it looks more comfortable than denim. I may reassess...

2. Unlike Paris, I haven't seen any obnoxious travelers in this area (although at times our family could definitely pass as "loud"). It feels different than other regions in France. I wonder if perhaps it's because most of the tourists are from other European countries? In Rick Steves' France edition he mentions that he is surprised more Americans don't visit the Dordogne (he loves it). I definitely concur Rick!

3. You'll find both evergreen and palm trees in the same yard/garden. It's amazing. Everything grows here! And they all live together in peace :)

4. Here, the concept of the "wife not liking it" seems to strike a chord. If you don't like something and want it fixed, blame it on the wife (even if she is innocent in the matter!). For whatever reason, saying "my wife doesn't like it", "my wife wants it changed", etc. speaks to the French, while a man simply stating he isn't happy doesn't have near the affect. While it does get things done and people are far more interested in making sure I like the outcome, I am also always the scapegoat. I'm not sure how I feel about this yet...:)

5. Every time I glance outside the front door, I spot a tourist taking a picture of our third story. It's kind of surreal.

6. The grapes here are quite different than conventional grapes found in the US; they are more delicate here, as well as more sweet and more delicious!

7. The approach to raising children here is very different from those in the US. I'm not sure I'd fit in here :)

8. Everyone rises at 7, eats lunch right at noon (2 hour lunch break), and concludes the work day by 5, at the latest, with earlier hours on Fridays. The lunch hour is the most structured...you should see how people flock to the restaurants and such right at 12:00, and not a minute earlier. The bells at the local church go crazy!


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