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Highlights of the Week

• 02 October 2009

Today marks the end of our first week home. Pfew....we made it! The jet-lag lingers still, but we are on the up and up and back to "business as usual" for the most part; unless you take into consideration that I didn't shower a few days this week (not normal) and that if I did it was past noon (also not normal) and that I didn't cook a whole lot (again, not normal!). I suppose all of this is to be expected though..we were gone over 3 months, some of us 4 months. I am looking forward to feeling more myself and am optimistic that will happen pretty soon.

Some things that cheered me up this week:

1. Design Mom asking me to write a pregnancy memory for her blog...did you hear her good news? That woman is uh-mazing.

2. Picking tomatoes from my garden. Anyone who knows me can attest that this is truly a miracle. Apparently, even those of us with black thumbs can grow vegetables.

3. Being a "Featured Mama" on Today's Mama

4. Consuming lots of cake samples at Tulie Bakery

5. More fun comments to read on Design*Sponge regarding La Maisonnette; is there anyone who doesn't love reading nice comments? :)

6. Unpacking and assembling birthday and a few Christmas gifts with goodies from France. I missed a lot of birthdays this summer and it's time to play a little catch up!

7. A couple honeymooned at La Maisonnette this week and enjoyed themselves immensely.

8. Crisp, cool Fall weather is fast approaching in my neck of the woods. Love it! Time to pull out the sweaters :)

9. My 4-year-old son has made the funniest comments this week. He's really on a roll and I am madly trying to document everything that comes out of his mouth. A few examples, "Mommy, what do dinosaurs say for cockledoodledoo?" and "I like to let my balloons go up in the sky so that Jesus has balloons for his parties" and last, "I want to go to Egypt because that is where all the poor people in the world are and I need to feed them".

10. Bumping into blog readers Marlo + Becca at Bruges Waffles & Frites. Lovely gals...

11. Preparing more "before + after" images to share with you next week. I get such a kick out of the differences and seriously can't believe we were crazy enough to take on such a project! It's probably good we didn't know what we were getting into :)


  1. I have no excuse. Well, I'm pregnant- but still, it was that way before. I don't shower every day (normal). If I do, it is definitely past noon/nap-time (normal). :) Sad, I know. And when this baby (#2) comes, I imagine things won't improve much. This is why I don't have 8 kids. :)

    I'm glad you are feeling more on the normal-side. Welcome home.

  2. I don't know how you do it, busy girl!

  3. Stephanie, you just became my highlight of the week. I LOVE LOVE LOVE "real" Belgian waffles and have been dying to have some since we went to Belgium 2 years ago. I had no idea this little shop existed downtown. I literally squealed with delight when I went to their website. Brugges was our favorite little town in Belgium. How fun to go there and get a little taste of Brugges. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!@

  4. Welcome back! I too love Tulie Bakery. My sister has a friend who is one the bakers there and sometimes she brings some yummies home! Not enough though. Congrats on such a beautiful house! What a fabulous experience! Maybe someday I'll be able to do that in Italy!:)

  5. Glad to hear you're back in town. I'd love to get together. The pictures of your house in France look fantastic!

  6. love that picture, and love your short hair. wish I could pull that off! thanks for the sweet comment!

  7. Stephanie -
    It was fun eating delicious waffles with you at Bruges. Sorry there was no room for your husband to sit. I'm dying over all these pics of La Maisonnette. Keep them coming so I can get my France fix.

  8. Hi Stephanie! Nice to meet you too! Little did you know, but I ended up having a baby maybe 7 hours after my delicious Leige waffle and chat with you guys. Great way to start labor, non? Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you--what an amazing experience. Can't wait to see more pics!


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