stephmodo: Intimidation in the Kitchen

Intimidation in the Kitchen

• 26 October 2009

During our last week in Beynac, we invited two couples over for dinner on different evenings. Both couples helped us out in some way during the renovation and we wanted to express our appreciation to them. I admit I was quite intimidated as both of these couples were far more experienced cooks than I. But, then I remembered an important mantra--it's not about the food, it's about being invited. Yes, the chances that the meal I'd prepare would be sub par to anything they would prepare, but was that really the point? I quickly reminded myself that it wasn't and went ahead with a simple menu I felt comfortable preparing. I know the meal didn't "wow" these experienced French cooks but I know they appreciated the dinner invitation and that is really what matters in the end.

Above you see a few images my husband took of Jean-Luc giving me a lesson on making mashed potatoes (yes, the French have no inhibitions about stepping in and telling you how to do something better!). His method? Heat the milk and butter over the stove before adding it to the potatoes and then mashing them with a fork, instead of the obvious potato masher. Best potatoes I've ever consumed!


  1. Happy Birthday Stephanie!

    I know it's a day late but I hope you had a great day yesterday with all kinds of fun stuff happening.
    Missed seeing you and your family in August...perhaps in the new year sometime!

    Love, Aunt Lou lou

  2. Oh, Happy Belated Birthday as well Steph! I hope you had a special day! I love following your blog

  3. Of course! Heating the milk and butter first... why didn't I ever think of that??? Thanks for sharing the tip!

  4. Well, you gotta love their confidence anyway. :)


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