stephmodo: A 5-Year-Old's Apology

A 5-Year-Old's Apology

• 31 March 2010

My son presented me with these two drawings today after being in time out :)

1. Our home...and yes he's accurate in showing smoke coming from the chimney. We are experiencing a total snowfall today and have our fireplace going periodically. Welcome Spring! ha.

2. And my and him in a hike. He even sketched in our backpacks. This one totally melted my heart and I almost forgot why I gave him a TO in the first place :)

p.s. more art on the way...the grownup kind. It's an art-themed today it appears...


  1. what a sweet apology. I'm sure that mended your heart very quickly.

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  3. This is so adorable! You have such sweet children.

  4. That is too cute! And very impressive for a 5-year-old! You must live in the same state and me. I'm so not happy about the snowfall ysterday (and today) :(

  5. I love these drawings! Thank you for sharing them. I get post-TO drawings too, and they are particularly sweet. It proves to me that, sometimes, a little "thinking time" really does encourage reflection. I keep them all!


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