Fourth + Final

• 29 March 2010

I told myself that the moment I started feeling "better" (as in medicated, nauseated, tired, but keeping down real food!), I would share with you some big news. Yup, that kind of news. Crazy, right?

When pregnant with my third, and PICC-lined (HG was in full swing), I swore I would never become pregnant again. I didn't feel I could emotionally or physically sustain another pregnancy (if I could even conceive). But inside my heart I knew I wasn't done with having children. I've heard seasoned mothers repeatedly say 'you just know when you're done having kids' and I've often reflected on these words as I looked around at my own little family. I believe everyone has a different plan in life; and if that plan includes children--that we each have a different "magic number". My heart told me four was mine.

p.s. I am just over 15 weeks along, which is about 3 1/2 months along in case you don't feel like doing math today.

image by Rebecca Mudrick of Darling Art


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