Simple Party Games for Kids

• 08 March 2010

I love simple party games. I really do. In a world that rushes kids to grow into teenagers by age 7, I find it incredibly refreshing to watch young kids truly enjoy themselves doing something many would consider old-fashioned, when really they are just being kids! And that's the way it should be. Although they don't realize it, a happy childhood (the one where they actually get to be a kid) is one of the best gifts we can give to them. I'm not saying simple party games make for a happy childhood or anything grandiose like that; I just think encouraging them to enjoy the simple pleasures is one small piece of the pie.

What I love about these games, (besides the deep nostalgia factor and the fact that they are pretty much free or at least inexpensive), is that they can easily be adapted to virtually any party theme be it Lego, Matryoshka, or Monkeys. You may have to be more creative with some themes than others but it can be done!

If you have some fun, simple, "old-fashioned" party game ideas, please leave a comment. I know many of us would like to expand our party game repertoire :) Thanks!

1. a Treasure Hunt (not just for pirate parties either!); a "treasure" can be anything related to the theme

2. Pass the ___ to Music; (like Hot Potato) for my daughter's recent Woodland Fairy party, we used a pinecone from my in-laws' backyard. Hey, whatever works!

3. Relay with a ___ on a Spoon; kids love this one...namely the 5+ crowd. For my son's Lego party we used just that...a lego piece.

4. Guess the # of ___ in a Jar; this is perfect for the first 10 minutes when you are waiting for guests to trickle in. Fill a small mason jar with jelly beans that match the party's theme colors. Target usually has a good selection of colors/flavors in bulk and of course, your local candy store should too.

5. Balloon Stomp; discovered via inchmark and definitely something I'd like to do at the next party. How darling to do something like this to music. Brooke recommends this for the 5+ crowd to avoid any unnecessary tears from little ones; balloon popping is a serious offense to the 2-4 crowd!

6. Pin the __ on the ___; I love this one! We never, ever skip this one and I consider it a challenge to figure out something fun to "pin". There is something about being blind-folded and spun that really makes things lively!

image via inchmark


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