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• 17 March 2010

With Spring in the air, and a few months of being home bound, these past few days of sunshine have done nothing but get me in the mood for a trip. It's a good thing I've been saving up for one because this girl is desperate to plan a getaway. In the meantime, I am feeling nostalgic for France (as made evident by my previous post), since we've spent most of our vacations there in the past decade together.

Anyone else feeling a little wanderlust too?

1. After spotting wild blackberries flanking the little road we found ourselves on, we pulled over so I could grab a few for the kiddos and I. For some reason the husband found this comical so he took a picture.

2. Gorgeous red currants for 1€ per banquette; even with a horrible exchange rate it's still a great deal. They are almost impossible to find in the States (at least in my experience). I've tried growing them in our yard, but the bush hasn't yielded a single currant sadly...probably due to either my black thumb or the desert climate :(

3. How can I forget this sweet little man with the gorgeous haricots verts and his Medieval scale?

4. Sunflowers are just h-a-p-p-y.

5. The seamless mix of old and new made me rethink decorating as a whole.

6. The time my husband gave each of the 3 kids their own ice cream (the French version of the "push up"), in the car, on a hot day, while I spent 30 minutes in a shop. It was the only time during our month-long stay I was able to shop and based on the state of my children, their clothes, and the rental car upon my return, it was a good thing I didn't head out solo more often (I think we used an entire container of baby wipes). The "after" photo would've been more fun to see than the "before" (above), but some of you may be able to use your imagination here!

7. Blue skies in Paris...what a treat (!!!!)


  1. I know what you mean about the wanderlust! Today is the first pretty day that we've had in forever in NYC, and it's making me want to hit the road! (or at least spend the day in the park instead of the office :)

  2. Funny, our wanderlust has us heading Stateside (although your photos make my want to head east to the octogon) to my in-laws in Montana. Time to show the kidlings how beautiful Glacier National Park is & maybe give them some time in the snow.

    I never had red currants (except as jelly) until we moved to England. My kids LOVE them. Good friends have mature bushes on their allotment & while gardening I kept my baby happy by just sticking her under the bush where her pudgy little hands could grab handfuls. Then, of course, pounds of them would come home to make the most wonderful salad dressing. . .now I want summer to be HERE.

  3. Ha, we have a very similar scale that my husband's grandmother would bring with her to the market for weighing fruits and vegetables.

    And a huge "Oui!" to the wanderlust...

  4. Wanderlust should have been my middle name. Actually first for that matter! Never been to France but Italy really has my heart.

  5. Verd's fruit market (in orem) is where I've gotten red currants, they were small, but nice and tart. I wish there was somewhere that sold fresh black currants.

    I've made my husband stop to pick berries on roadside bushes too, it's more fun when you have to forage for your own.

    Your photos make me want to travel, and yes, the sunshine is even worse.

  6. Such a simple pleasure that it must be picking wild blackberries (one of my fave berries) and one I so envy living in a tropical environment. Here in Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) we hardly notice the change in seasons. It is a wondrous thing to see the leaves beginning to fall, children throwing leaves into the air & watching them fall & then seeing the first freesias burst open in the spring. I'm jealous :-)

  7. Is that a SMARTIES pop up no less?! Hey I just noticed a Brisbane post???

  8. I have the same problem finding currants (and forget growing them in Phoenix!). I had them in Poland with melted brie and bread, oh heart be still. I would have loved that "after" photo.

  9. i am so in need of a getaway...

    and #6 made me laugh out loud ;-)

  10. Yes. I have been having serious wanderlust for quite sometime now...the sad thing is there is nothing on the horizon. Are you going back to France soon?

  11. It's so funny that you mention wanderlust. I just bought my ticket to Wanderlust this morning.

    In case you're unfamiliar: Wanderlust is a music and yoga festival that takes place at Lake Tahoe each year. It's big and it's going to be fantastic.

  12. I am with you on that! Thinking about 10 completely different places I'd love to run off to right now. The one connection between them all is an opportunity for peace and quiet and some fun things to do. I am going to put something on the books for April...

  13. Looks wonderful. I too am experiencing some wanderlust. As for currents, it has been a while since I have lived in Utah, but I used to find black and red currents at the SLC farmers market. The Weeks Berry Farm always had a stand with currents and current juice. Obviously they won't be available for a while, but since I know the company is still around, I'm pretty sure you can find them there still once the market starts again.


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