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Affordable Letterpress Cards

• 19 April 2010

I like to keep a handy stash of notes and stamps in a metal box in my kitchen, as it seems I am always in my kitchen when reminded of a note I need to write someone. In that stash I have a collection of handmade notes, letterpress notes for very special occasions and pretty stamps (current favorite here). That being said, I can't spend a fortune on letterpress, so I am always on the lookout for "affordable letterpress" know...the kind that isn't $6-8 per card. As I combed through Etsy's pages, I was thrilled to find so many I loved! I hope you enjoy them too :)

Clockwise starting top left: Blooms / Dots / Vintage Thanks / Orange

Tulips / Mosaic / Dandelions / Buckets

Tricycle / Pink Merci / Thank You / Yarn


  1. oh thanks for posting these, I am always looking for affordable letterpressed cards and etsy is a great source

  2. great! and don't forget SycamoreStreetPress out there in Heber!!

  3. Gorgeous! Thanks for the great suggestions!

  4. These are really, really cute!

  5. I keep a stash in my kitchen as well! And next to my bed. Beautiful stationery inspires me to write, which is why I started designing my own line. I love some of the ones you posted.

    I'm working on a French lavender stationery design and am giving away a set to one lucky voter if you'd like to vote for your favorite!

    Thanks for being a promoter of hand written notes!

  6. Thanks so much for including my shop in your post! I'm very honored. :)

  7. I'm honored to be a part of this. Thank you.


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