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Bicycle Baskets

• 14 April 2010

I dream of owning a cute bike with a basket (or two) so I can ride all over the neighborhood delivering treats. Right now I can't imagine anything more liberating. Perhaps next year when I am done being pregnant and am facing a 35th birthday. Yikes.

Double Wicker Saddle Baskets

Canvas + Leather Saddle Bags/Panniers

Wicker Front Basket

Wicker Front Basket with Leather Straps (great buy!)

I am also in love with this bicycle too. My kids would LOVE the chance to tag along. Plus, I could fit more treats inside that big ol' bucket of a trailer :)

images from Basil


  1. I'm searching for a bike basket myself at the moment, so this is a very timely post with some fantastic ideas, thank you! I'd love to find a smaller canvas-type basket/bag to mount to the front.

    Love the Electra wicker basket (at REI and elsewhere) with the very pretty liner - not very practical but oh so charming :)

  2. We're moving to New Zealand and I'm hoping to ride my old scwinn more...these baskets would be GREAT for grocery store/market runs.


  3. Thank you so much for posting this -- your timing is great. It's in the 70s now in Northern California and we're just pulling our bikes out. I haven't seen any in the local shops; clearly I should have been shopping online!

    Forty-eight hours from now I will be on my way to La Maisonette!

  4. What a great post! Having a basket is sooooo handy for market runs & longer rides where you want to have some water & a place to keep your keys.

    I ordered a handmade European-style basket from Cynthia's Twigs last year and have gotten so many compliments on it... It's the perfect size for a couple of bags of groceries & it matches my vintage Schwinn. Plus it has a canvas gingham liner. Gotta love that. ;-)

  5. Oops-forgot to add, if you want to see the basket I got, there is a pic here:

    (Forgive the spider web decorations... The photo was taken at Halloween.)

    And I'm also a dingbat - I have had the basket for several years. Time flies, lol.

  6. Great basket options! I am getting a bike this year for my birthday (35th!), and a basket is a definite must for me. Thanks for the links.

  7. I really love bicycle baskets and these are all fantastic. I'm hoping to get a couple of these to test out with my new bike.


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