stephmodo: What to Pack for Paris (Part Deux)

What to Pack for Paris (Part Deux)

• 15 April 2010

I was cruising through Prêt à Voyager looking for something in her archives, when I stumbled across this post. Anne (who is also one of the talented editors over at Design*Sponge) wrote the most brilliant and concise post I've seen on the subject of what to pack for Paris. Since I seem to always (and I mean always) pack the wrong items of clothing to wear on any trip, it's particularly helpful to me. Nichole's contribution was also much-appreciated...three black long-sleeved tees....check...two pairs of dark get the idea.

My original post (part 1) shares a little background info as well as a list of street fashion blogs showcasing local Parisians and what they are donning right now--as in today. You may find it helpful if you're thinking about heading to Paris this year!

images 1 - garance dore; 2 and 3 from Elle


  1. What air carrier do you fly to France? Are there any great deals to be had?

  2. Oh yes, I have SUCH issues with knowing what to pack. I always think that I've pared it down and picked the perfect things. Inevitably, I find myself with too much. I think it's good to bring things that work well in multiple varying combinations. so tough! I'm always afraid I'll miss something (funny, I never do)!

  3. Anna, this is actually a tough year when it comes to finding deals. It appears there aren't many to be had (although I'm sure people with more skills in this category could find a deal b/c some people have that special gift!). If there were a year to use miles, this might be it.

    To answer your question about carriers...we fly on whatever airline offers us the best deal :)

  4. This reminds me of the first time someone asked me for directions in Chicago (where I was visiting myself)--I was seventeen years old, just returned from Paris, and wearing head-to-toe black and sunglasses. I felt so flattered that I didn't look like a tourist!

  5. I know what you mean! I always pack for every possible situation that could arise (because, you know, the odds of me getting invited to a black tie event are SO likely) and I always end up yearning for pieces like the ones Anne mentioned.

  6. Any idea who makes that black bag in image #1?

  7. Tres intiresno, gracias


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