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Lemonade Stand

• 21 June 2010

On one recent afternoon, my oldest daughter asked if she could put together a lemonade stand. I We couldn't think of anything in the home suitable for a little table, so we made our own using one of our bar stools and a heavy, cardboard tray from Costco. With some kitchen twine and kid-size scissors as aids, I secured the tray to the stool before throwing a tablecloth over it to hide our primitive {but seemingly functional} handy work. It worked like a charm and served as a reminder that it isn't necessary to have the "perfect" this or "perfect" that to create a positive experience.

As she went to grab the powdered stuff, I explained to her that she could charge more per cup if she made homemade lemonade instead. The thought of being able to charge 75 cents per cup made her eyes widen and her jaw drop--that's big money for an 8-year-old! We then discussed the simple business idea of needing to purchase your supplies first, and how a profit is your revenue minus expenses. In this case she bought lemons from me (one lemon for garnish and required sugar was on-the-house) and then juiced the lemons herself, which she said was "fun, but a lot of work". We made a simple syrup to mix with the fresh-squeezed juice before cooling and adding crushed ice. I threw in cute paper party straws from France and a bonified lemonade stand it was indeed.

Since we live on a quiet cul-de-sac, a bit of marketing was needed to drive traffic; I decided to text my neighbors to let them know refreshment awaited them outside. It was so sweet to see a few friends pop out of their homes for a glass of lemonade--talk about good neighbors! Lemonade stands are truly one of Summer's greatest simple pleasures, don't you think? I have a feeling we'll be hosting another one soon...this time with little brother :)


  1. Last summer there was a story in the news about a sweet little girl (I think she was 6?) who sold lemonade in central park. A grouchy cop gave her a ticket for not having a vendors license! Jerk right?

    The ticket was obviously dropped when the story came out andthe cop got in a little trouble.

  2. Ah ... Capitalism at work! I love it. Looks like your little girl makes a mean pitcher of lemonade too! I love it. Happy Summer!

  3. The most simple things make children the happiest. I bet your little E had a beaming smile all afternoon.

  4. this is really the straws! You've inspired us....

  5. You've inspired us, too! Since we live near Wrigley Field, I think the kids should make enough in one day to pay for a semester of college, don't you? Love your way of teaching how you can charge more for a quality and REAL product. That's a life lesson, for sure.

  6. I love that you had her really think out the project, especially the economics of buying from you. I teach service learning projects to Kinders every year and it is really eye opening for them to learn the cost of things.

  7. What a splendid idea and fabulous presentation.

    (And love the straws!)


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