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Welcome Vandalia Letterpress

• 21 June 2010

Today I want to extend a warm welcome to one of my new sponsors--Vandalia Press from Minneapolis--the star of the "Affordable Letterpress" post last month. Ever since discovering this witty little shop, I haven't been able to get those delightful oranges out of my mind. Talk about happy mail!

Besides the oranges, I am also a huge fan of Vandalia's 5-for-15 promotion--friends, this is an outstanding bargain. Five letterpress cards {of your choice} for just $15! For the price of a plain paper card from the grocery store you could send a luxurious, well-designed card instead. I sure love a good deal, don't you? Particularly when the good deal is on items I consider luxuries.

A couple other clever favorites I haven't seen the likeness of anywhere else:

Bun in the oven (a humorous, but classy way to express your heartfelt congratulations)

I'm So Sorry (a thoughtful away to start making amends--if we were all a bit wiser, we'd have a few of these on hand--or maybe I'm just speaking for myself!)

Hip Hop Birthday (a really fun card for the break dancer or the hip teen)


  1. Vandalia Street PressJuly 7, 2010 at 4:12 PM

    Thank you Stephanie. We are so honored to be on StephModo. xo


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