stephmodo: Evo 10 Food Workshop + a Scrumptious Salad

Evo 10 Food Workshop + a Scrumptious Salad

• 14 July 2010

Although Evo '10 in its entirety was outstanding, my favorite session was the Food Workshop--I'm certain that comes as no surprise :) A true highlight was meeting and dining with Helen of Tartelette. She is not only a humble, friendly and interesting person, but a fabulous cook and talented photographer to boot...oh and she's French :) If you enjoy food, do yourself a favor and jump over to her blog.

My favorite course was the Chanterelle Mushroom and Mountain Berry Salad. I was a bit surprised how much I loved this salad, as I'm not typically a fan of mixing "sweet" and "savory" so heavily. But, this was delicious, and certainly a recipe worth repeating. You'll find the salad dressing makes more than you'll need, but keep it on hand to toss with mixed greens later in the week. Homemade salad dressing keeps for about 1 week in the fridge so you could even make it ahead of time to save an extra step. Use a mason jar for the dressing, if you have one on hand; if you don't, use a sippy cup :)

Click here for the recipe.

images by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. this made me giggle, as i always use a sippy cup to store homemade dressing ;-)

    kindred spirits...


  2. That's so funny! Isn't a sippy cup the perfect contraption for this? Right size. Shakes well. All liquid stays inside where it's supposed to...etc.

    Wish you had been there!

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