stephmodo: Healthy Breakfast Ideas: No. 2

Healthy Breakfast Ideas: No. 2

• 13 July 2010

I'm sharing the second post in a series on healthy breakfast options over at Zupas today. Read today's idea, as well as part 1 here. I'm trying to get myself out of a rut when it comes to breakfast options, and hoping to inspire you too. I've got a few simple tips up my sleeve, all of which you can find here.

image by Stephanie Brubaker


  1. What else is hiding up that sleeve of yours?? I'm loving the tips.

  2. looks good...I recently discovered a great way to eat an egg, maybe I was just out of the loop but I had never done this exactly...hard boil an egg just perfectly (not over-cooked at all) and while its still very warm, mash it with some butter and a dash of salt...oh my its so rich and delicious.

  3. The link for this no longer works. Where can I find this?

  4. Hey anon, sorry about that.


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