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Wishing I Were Here

• 13 August 2010

A little escape from reality sounds good right about now :) What about you? Where do you wish you were going this weekend to escape from projects, chores, your to-do list and life's worries? Or perhaps your weekend will be an escape?! Hope so :)

Happy Weekend to you all!


image via Deco Ide├ęs


  1. I AM going to the beach this weekend! Best part: my parents only live 45 minutes away, so we'll see them too. Perfect way to squeeze in a last bit of fun before my oldest starts school on Tuesday...

  2. I haven't even had a chance this week to have a fantasy escape thought about the weekend. I love that you're offering me one!

    Hmmm, beach is 10 minutes away...I could manage that. I should make that happen!

  3. I'm going to Maine tomorrow -- shopping, antiquing, lighthouses, and a lobster roll. I can't wait!

  4. Personally, I could be on a balcony overlooking a huge mountain lake in northern Spain...eating cured meats and hard cheeses and wine and watching my dogs swim around....

  5. Wow girls...beach, antiquing, lighthouses, it all sounds amazing.

    And Michelle, cured meats and a little manchego sound good to me too :) Aaahh...summer dreamin'.

  6. we just got back an amazing "holiday" in London...
    rented a flat so we could cook our own meals! London is not known for their food, unlike Italy... and it's expensive to eat out in London.
    You can catch our blog at

  7. I just got back from a month on the coast of Maine but am missing it already, so I posted as if I were still there. Sigh.

  8. stephanie,
    love this picture! the lavender is amazing.
    by the way, i grew up in the suburbs, just north of columbus. (worthington and dublin).
    how great that you are in slc too!

  9. Wow, I would have loved to have been there this weekend! How restful it looks - I like the mat awnings that roll down over the metal frame, never seen that before. Is this your own sweet hideout in France?

  10. I just got back from crowded Long Beach, and even that was a getaway for me! Can't even imagine what a seaside cottage would do! Love your blog!

  11. I have been daydreaming about England all day. . .

  12. Wow, you guys are having fun. Love it.

    Petra, this is not our little place, but it's also pretty I think!


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