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Japanese School + Desk Supplies

• 16 August 2010

If you're like me, you'll want some of these for you and some for your children...or perhaps you'd share a few things too :) I can't imagine not smiling every time I pulled out a tulip topped pencil from the drawer, can you? And the Japanese crush continues...

Set no.1:

Deer Pencil Case / Kraft Brown Notebooks / Koi Washi Pencils / Red Riding Hood Wooden Clip Bookmarks

Set no.2:

Fruit Notepad* / Tulip Pencil Top Erasers / Acrylic Pencil Display Case

* I haven't tried the process, so I can't personally vouch for it, but it appears this site will serve as a mediator between English-speaking buyer and Japanese seller. So if there is an amazing Japanese site you want to order from (like the one selling the fruit paper pads), you can hire Rinkya to do the middle-manning for you. Interesting concept...let me know if you try it!


  1. Those fruit notepads are adorable! I made your apricot crisp this weekend. just as good as you said it was. thanks so much for the inspiration. I blogged about you and the recipe today! Thanks! :)


  2. Last Thursday, I made two of the delicious tart cherry crumb cakes for my garden club and I am now deluged with requests for the recipe. My husband was such a champion, because with my time crunch he was kind enough to go to the farmer's market that morning for the bucket of fresh frozen tart cherries that Steph suggested. I did find that because of the extra juice that is created by sugaring the semi-thawed cherries that it was best to sprinkle sugar over the cherries after they had been scattered over the batter rather than mixing the sugar and cherries together first.

    The tart cherry crumb cake was served in a beautiful garden with a wonderful sausage egg strata, fresh berries with Greek yogurt + lemon juice and grated peel, and iced tea. Delicious! Afterwards we had a fascinating tour in the Belcaro neighborhood in Denver of large mosaics that had been made by the neighbors and attached to the walls of the alleys. So much fun! Such creativity! And a great way to bring neighbors together. Each of the pieces of art was named; e.g., Dogs Rule, Lilies of the Alley, etc.

  3. Thanks for featuring my Wooden Peg Set... Christine xo

  4. Oh Denise, your party sounds amazing. Wish I were there!


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