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How to Photograph a Newborn Baby

• 27 September 2010

by Guest Blogger, Rebecca Mudrick:

Photographing your newborn baby is no easy feat: as a new mama you're likely exhausted, overwhelmed, and may have other children clamoring for attention. But setting aside a few minutes to photograph your sweet new baby is a very worthwhile way to spend precious time (that shower can wait a few more hours anyway, right?) Here are a few tips to help you in your efforts:

- a full belly, warm room, and white noise work wonders for keeping baby calm and happy. Shut the door so siblings can't disrupt your picture time and run a loud fan or white noise machine to drown out any sounds that might cause the baby to startle.

- turn off your flash, and find a window with bright - but not direct - light. If you notice your pictures are blurry when you photograph without your flash, find a brighter spot or put your camera on a stable surface (like a side table or dresser) to avoid camera shake.

- simplify. Clear out any elements within the frame of the picture that might cause visual distraction. Swaddle the baby neat and tight with a plain blanket if he keeps startling awake. For a sibling shot dress your kids in simple clothes and similar colors - I love girls in white tank tops and with boys in plain white t's or no shirts.

- play! play! play! Try different angles. See how close up you can get with your camera before the images goes blurry. Show how tiny your baby's hands are by showing them with Dad's hands. Contrast your baby's smooth, perfect skin with the aged and marked hands of a grandparent. And don't forget to pass the camera to dad or grandma and have them photograph the baby in your arms. The possibilities are endless and the results are as unique and precious as your new baby.

Rebecca also blogs at Overexposed and Darling Art.

all images by Rebecca Mudrick


  1. Beautiful pictures!!! You've inspired me to get out my camera and snap away until I am able to capture these precious newborn moments before their gone! Thanks for your post!

  2. Thanks for the tips! It's sooo much harder than it looks, but I'm keeping at it! Cheers


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