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Welcome Guest Blogger, Rebecca Mudrick

• 26 September 2010

This week marks a milestone for my blog...I am hosting my very first guest blogger! Her name is Rebecca Mudrick and she is not only the best child photographer I know, but she is also my dear friend. While Rebecca writes her own blog (well, two actually--one here and one here), I thought it would be fun to give her a chance to talk about subjects other than photography (although I'm having her slip in a little of that too). You will love her witty tone, her beautiful images and interesting posts. Without further adieu, here is a little more background on Rebecca in her own words:

Eleven years ago I moved from Utah to the east coast to marry my college sweetheart and start a career in public relations and event planning. One year later I gave birth to the first of four monkeys and made an enormous career change from PR exec to stay-at-home mom. In need of a creative outlet, I dug my husband's ancient film camera out of a closet, learned to use it, and soon began taking paid commissions for my photography. Eventually we moved from Baltimore to Boston (glorious Boston!) and then to Chapel Hill where I spend my days keeping my monkeys out of trouble, refining my work, listening to NPR and eating chocolate. I maintain two blogs: Overexposed (my personal blog) and {Hello, Darling!}, (my child portrait work).

So how did I end up here?

Steph and I met on a study abroad after our freshman year of college and quickly became friends. We spent the remainder of our college years attending cooking classes together, crafting, eating (Steph may be tiny, but the girl can pack it in!), studying, road tripping, helping each other through boyfriend woes, and then planning our weddings. Since then, it's been amazing watching Steph's creativity and style grow through all of her professional endeavors - I'm so proud of my friend. I'm also excited to be a very small part of her beautiful blog this week. Thanks Steph, for having me as a guest blogger!

p.s. I'll be posting intermittently throughout the week as well so you'll be getting a double dose this week. I hope you enjoy all the great content. xoxo

image by Jefra Starr Linn


  1. Awh I love the idea of a guest blogger, and she seems like a phenomenal one.

  2. Yeah! I love Rebecca. You two make the perfect friends it seems.

  3. Oooh! I can't wait to see what this week of photo inspiration brings!

  4. I love that I know you both, and separately from each other-- Rebecca from Study Abroad in France and Stephanie from the MofA. Both beautiful, talented gals. Looking forward to this week's posts!

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  6. I would like to exchange links with your site
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