stephmodo: Giving Thanks + Goodbye Autumn

Giving Thanks + Goodbye Autumn

• 25 November 2010

Outside our little home is a lovely Japanese maple with the most vibrant of leaves. For days I admired its rich colors as I went to and from the house, before finally grabbing my camera. And I'm so glad I did as the very next day the wind kicked up something fierce and blew all those pretty li'l leaves right off. It just goes to show how important it is to appreciate and document those small moments right when you are thinking of them...and not later. Because we all know that "later" often turns into "never" :)

Today is Thanksgiving--a day that not only marks a time of gratitude and reflection--but a day that signifies the end of Autumn. For once Black Friday hits, it's all about Christmas (which I am not opposed too--love Christmas!). I am thankful for all the beauty around me, for my family, health, energy, and love and support from those that care about me. Really, that's all one needs in life.

I hope each of you enjoys your day today. Don't get too caught up in the hoopla, the family politics, or anything else that will potentially drain away the positive aspect of this holiday. Try to enjoy yourself, relax, and eat lots of pumpkin pie. Just make sure you save a slice for the next morning. I love to eat chilled pumpkin pie for breakfast the day after good!



  1. I thought I was the only one who liked pumpkin pie for breakfast. LOL

  2. What a beautiful tree. Japanese Maples are my favorite. So glad you took and posted these pretty pics!

  3. Hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving!


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