stephmodo: Seattle 5: Stephanie: 0

Seattle 5: Stephanie: 0

• 03 November 2010

It's been an eventful first week in Seattle! We are loving the city, but it's definitely giving me a run for my money. Here is a sampling of the highlights that took place in a 7 day period:

1. Parking Ticket
2. Locked Keys in Car
3. Tripped in Heels and Ripped up Knee
4. Slipped in Flats and Ripped up Knee...Again (grace is clearly not one of my strengths)
5. Flat Tire

In effort to turn over a new leaf {literally}, I decided to focus on something positive and take a picture of the most beautiful tree I've seen around town. It takes my breath away every time I pass by. No image editing here folks--this tree is truly the most intense shade of red I've ever seen!

We are having a lot of fun making new discoveries, as time permits, and I've been so grateful for all of the advice so many of you shared in this post about moving to Seattle, and also in lengthy emails. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge of the area with me--it's all been incredibly helpful. Merci beaucoup!


  1. glad you are here! And I have to agree, the trees are stunning.

  2. So, which area of Seattle are you located? Eastside, Northend, Southend? :)

  3. What a week. But, yay, you're there! Such a beautiful city.

  4. When it rains, it pours! I am certain your luck will improve. The leaves are beautiful.

  5. I have followed your blog for quite a while and was so excited to hear the news of your move to Seattle (I live in Bothell - north seattle)! I'm sorry about the parking ticket and ripped up knees - total bummer. I am hoping that the sunshine today will let you and the kiddos be outside. That's one thing you learn when living here - never let a beautiful day pass you by!

  6. Thanks girls!

    Kara, we are right in Seattle ;)

  7. welcome to seattle! i just met your friend Jihan and we are sad not to have you with us at Little Winter this weekend but good luck getting settled in.

  8. Dear Stephmodo: Here's a tip: Seattle is not the most stylish city. My sister in law never wears a T shirt without gold on it. Get yourself some nice looking athletic shoes. They have them that even look like ballet slippers. If you need to look good, keep nice shoes in your car and change into them WHEN you get into the building that you are going to. This next tip is worth $120,000. My daughter gave me a purple NYU lanyard/key chain when she graduated (three years at NYU). I travel a lot and was always looking for my keys. I once couldn't find my keys in a Target in Florida, 1200 miles from my house. I had left my purse in a cart that I left in another department. I put my keys on this purple key thing that I wear around my neck whenever I am out of the car. I don't care that it doesn't look so good, but no one seems to notice it. I have never locked my keys in the car, or lost them since. I think you are just stressed about moving. Relax a little. Everything will take twice as long as you think. Try to order a lot of things by phone. Get some boys from your church to help you do the heavy lifting. Ann

  9. glad the sun in shining for you!! its a rarity at this time of year. we lived in seattle for 4 years and LOVED it, I am sure you will too. We are just 3 hours south now, near Portland. Parking tickets and slipping might happen more than you would like, but hang in there.

    head over to pike's market to the BEST french bakery to cheer yourself up...Le Panier. I just know you will like it.

  10. Sorry you are having a stressful week, but I'm so glad you have something gorgeous to look at! Thanks for sharing. It's still 90 here in AZ, so that beautiful red tree made me smile today! Good luck w/ settling into your new life. You will have everything fixed stylishly in no time, I'm sure!

  11. Oh my. Well...welcome to Seattle! And yes, today's weather is BEAUTIFUL. (We live on the Eastside. :-))

  12. I am glad you guys made it there. Good luck settling in. Can't wait to read about Seatle - sounds like such an adventure.

  13. BTW When we moved to CT I tripped on a tree trunk and skinned my knee AND broke the front of my iphone. I missed all the groomed nyc streets:)

  14. Hang in there. Moving to a new city is one of the most difficult things I've ever done. I couldn't imagine doing it with kids!

    I'm sure the worst is over, now you can start to settle in and make it home.

  15. hang in there, stephanie! what a crappy week! but a beautiful tree. :)

  16. Aw,goodness gracious. Glad you are seeing the glass half full. Sorry you've had a crazy week. Might as well get all the bad stuff out of the way right at the beginning. ;)It's all up from here. :)

  17. Glad you are here and got some beautiful sunny weather before the rain started. Gorgeous photo. I live in Renton(SE of Seattle). Get everyone some cute, comfortable rain boots and rain jackets with hoods and you'll be set for most adventures in the urban and suburban realm. Seattle is pretty casual. I don't own a single t-shirt with gold on it and I wouldn't advise that you get one either. ;D

    Hopefully you can soon relax and enjoy this new chapter in your life. A few of my favorites:

    Salon Armand on Pike & Boylston. You can't go wrong with Allison or Armand working their magic on your hair.

    Fantastic Thai food Jamjuree on 15th--Capitol Hill

    A "nice" place for dinner with beautiful waterfront views-- Palisade in Magnolia

    The views from West Seattle and Volunteer Park are fantastic.

    Again welcome to Seattle. A great way to find new businesses is to sign up for living social; groupon and local twist. Lots of great deals. Also yelp.

  18. Sounds like a memorable start! I hope that the adjustment for everyone goes well. I will miss all your awesome inside SL info, but I look forward to hearing more about Seattle. We have friends and family that live right in the city. My husbands brother and wife live in the Queen Ann neighborhood. Also friends G & K Durham are awesome with kids your same ages. I'm sure you will find loads of great friends!

    Best wishes Steph!


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