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Pantone Markers + other Favorite Pens

• 14 April 2011

I have a bit of an obsession with pens--let's just get that out in the open. I find it amazing how something that only costs a few dollars can elevate seemingly mundane {or at the very least, simple} tasks. In honor of my recent discovery of Pantone markers--which are as lovely as you'd expect them to be--I thought I'd share my 4 favorite markers/pens. Having a stash of great pens is such a treat and makes addressing cards, writing letters and assembling packages even more enjoyable. You'll find most of these pens available at your local art supply store:

1. Pantone Markers - available in the prettiest hues. I chose one in cobalt blue, which I love.
2. Papermate Felt Tip Flair - a classic pen you can find at office supply stores.
3. Micron - my husband first turned me onto these fantastic pens--I like the fine points best.
4. Staedtler - this German brand has a great medium tip I like a lot.

Speaking of Pantone, have you seen their Spring 2011 palette? It is one of the prettiest arrangements of color I've seen in sometime and I find myself staring at it and wondering how I can spruce up my closet, which is full of black, gray, tan and stripes :)


  1. oh my, now I'm scared! Where we by any chance separated at birth? ;-)

    This is the kind of post I've been dying to write but never had the courage ;-) Definitely checking out the Pantone pens the next time I see them!

  2. Micron, I like it too very much.

    Lovely to visit you here for an afternoon break.

    Sunny afternoon greetings from Finland.

  3. Pantone pens?! Shut up! If you ever see a skinny little pen called the Le Pen, scoop it up. The best. Great post!

  4. stephanie,
    that black papermate pen, the second one from the top reminds me of you. the one reason i started using those was you....sometime during washington seminar you got me one those. good times that seminar.
    happy easter!

  5. I love the Le Pen by Japanese maker Marvy. They are gorgeous because the barrel of the pen is the exact colour of the ink and they are slim and sleek with a fine point. The colours make me happy so I keep a cup of them in my kitchen on a shelf next to the wall phone - they are one of the few things that are out of bounds to my children - Mummy's special pens! Here is a link:

  6. i love that color palette too. so pretty.

  7. If you love fine tipped pens you've got to try Pilots new G-Tec C4. It literally brings me joy every time I write with it.

  8. Pantone pens! Swoon. If you have a Japanese stationery store near you, check out the pen selection. They make incredible, very thin-tipped pens that I love.

  9. It's nice to see reassurance that I'm not the only handwriter left in the world who enjoys a nice pen (and pretty stationary!)

  10. I hear you on the closet thing. I bought two new shirts for my birthday because I was depressed looking in my closet of grey, black and a little brown. I got a pink one and a purple one! To wear under my black and grey sweaters...:)


  11. Thanks for the notes and for the tips ladies! Happy to know about Le Pen and happy to know I'm not the only one with a pen fetish :)

  12. I love Staedtler! I usually get triplus fineliner for school. I've been meaning to try Micron, though.

  13. It always seems like I have way too many pens, but not enough of the kinds I really love! My favorites to draw with are Copic Multiliners. They have sturdy metal bodies, you can replace the ink cartridges and tips, and they come in a bunch of different thicknesses and tip styles. Hadn't heard of the Pantone markers, but now I'm dying to try them! I'd live it if they were less fumy than Prismacolors.


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