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Portland Report

• 23 June 2011

Over the years I've heard wonderful things about Portland and I have to say the city did not disappoint. I'm totally sold on the place and cannot wait to go back...hopefully sooner rather than later. Portland reminds me of a hybrid between Salt Lake City and Seattle, which in many ways is the perfect combination. And y'all were right about the food trucks...I cannot believe the incredible advice you all gave on what to do and to eat in Portland. Apparently blog readers make the best travel agents!

It was fun to see Sara's "Real Life Home" in person and to absorb all that gorgeous color. I was particularly impressed with the guest house renovation. They basically took an old artist's shed with no plumbing or electricity and turned it into an urban oasis. We know first hand this is no easy task. Since I hadn't seen Sara since we both lived in Boston several years ago, it was a pleasant reunion indeed.

Also, meeting Sally and taking her Packaging 101 class was a true highlight as well. She is lovely in every sense--very polished, very put-together and very, very nice. If I could shadow someone for a day I'm pretty sure I'd choose Sally :) Plus, I could listen to someone talk about cute packaging ideas all day long. I highly suggest you take her next class coming's reasonably-priced and you'll learn a lot of valuable information and new skills.

Poor weather on Saturday led to a canceled photo session with Bonnie, which I was very much looking forward to last weekend. However, I simultaneously felt relieved as not having to prep and stress about family photos meant more time to discover Portland and to relax, well, as much as one can "relax" with 4 kids in tow (you how that goes...). Oh and how wonderful it was to finally meet Bonnie! She is just as amazingly talented, stylish and sweet as I'd imagined her to be. Now I get to experience sweet anticipation of our next go at a family photo (hopefully later this Summer?). Can't wait to see that gal again.

Per all of your recommendations we stopped at a handful of food carts (a fabulous concept every city and town in America should incorporate!), Kenny & Zuke's (best pastrami sandwich EVER) and also at the Rose Gardens in Washington Park. All were excellent suggestions so thank you, thank you, thank you!

p.s. all of your fabulous tips about Portland can be found here in the comments.

p.p.s. I rented the child-size vintage umbrella from Bella Umbrella here in Seattle. Lucky for you though, they have an online presence too!


  1. Thanks. I marked your post as we are heading there for a few days in the fall. Can't wait!

  2. Yeah! I'm so glad you had such a good time! I checked out Bonnie, her photos are lovely, sorry it didn't work out! I'm a photog and will be in PDX at the end of July, I'll photograph your beautiful family! :)

    Love your blog, Stephanie!

  3. yea, so glad you loved this city. i do too! my guest house is your guest house, you always have a crash pad in pdx and i hope you'll use it!

  4. ps - you need to come back and sign the guest book! xo

  5. LOVE the umbrella in your photos. Would you mind sharing details?

  6. That picture of the roses is breathtaking. Sounds like you had a good time. Someday I'd love to visit Portland. I always hear how marvelous it is.

  7. Alison, the umbrella is from Bella Umbrella. I'll include a link in the post...meant to do that.

    Sara, did we seriously forget to sign the guest book? Perhaps that's because we were trying to keep it hidden from the kids before it became their new coloring book :)

    Molly, we will not be in PDX anytime in the near future, but thank you for the offer! I'm off to check out your site.

    Ana, thank you, as always, for your sweet comments!

  8. Stephanie, it was SO nice meeting you!! I can't wait to spend more time together later this summer! xoxo


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