stephmodo: Suzanne Kasler's Inviting Workspace

Suzanne Kasler's Inviting Workspace

• 22 June 2011

I love this beautiful, light-filled workspace...wouldn't you love to be here all day? Atlanta-based interior designer Suzanne Kasler has really created an exceptional place for her team to be inspired. I love to observe how individuals choose to organize their space--in fact, I'm downright fascinated. Right now I'm taking copious notes and wondering how I can create a mini-version of this office in a small corner. These images are definitely making it into my "someday" folder pronto...

You can view more images of Suzanne's workspace here.

images by Erica George Dines for Atlanta Homes & Interiors


  1. Yes, I've always loved her inspiring!

  2. This is gorgeous! I could work there all day!

    Just wondering, do you use pinterest? If not, I should send you an invitation because you would LOVE it. The perfect way to organize inspiring pictures like these and be able to link back to the original site. It seriously has changed my life--I know a little dramatic, but true.

  3. beautiful workspace - i would definitely be constantly inspired if i had a place like this! love the natural lighting!

  4. I'm glad you all love it...I about died when I saw it. Dreamy.

    The Parkers: I've been on Pinterest before and it is lovely. However, I don't pop on very's just one more distraction for me and I need to get a few things organized elsewhere before I feel like I can add more. Does that make sense? Also, I find it frustrating that so many people don't link back to the original blog/site where they found the image. I've seen many of my images posted with no links or credit given and it just adds frustration. So I kind of stay away. Ignorance is bliss sometimes!

  5. Oh my goodness, that is one of the most perfect work spaces I have ever seen. Thanks for posting it :)


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