A Surprise Package

• 29 February 2012

We all know that the best anecdote for feeling glum is to do something nice for someone else, right?  Focusing our minds and efforts on thinking of another not only makes the recipient feel watched over,  but it helps us forget our own problems too (or what we perceive to be problems).  I firmly believe that making a paradigm shift towards constantly thinking of others will help us all be happier people.  Karma...totally believe in it, do you?  

So I've got a great idea as to how you make that good turn today...how about putting together a simple surprise package?  One that you dress up all fancy and pretty and then send in the mail with no forewarning. Yup, that's the kind I'm talking about...and it's guaranteed to make your friend's day.  I am living proof :)

Your package doesn't have to be expensive to put together--a few things from around the house mixed with some store-bought gems are just the ticket.  Have fun and be creative by coming up with a theme...like "sweet and salty", "red and white", "favorites" or "sunshine yellow" (like the one above that the lovely Miss Rebecca put together).  Surely you have a few bits and baubles you'd like to share; and a box should be easy to find around the house, yes?  If you're having trouble feeling inspired as to what to place inside your surprise package, jump on Etsy and start searching by color.  I typed in one of my favorite colors (periwinkle), and it turns out there are over 9,000 items on Etsy listed under that color if you can believe it!  Oh, and if you don't have tissue paper on hand, don't fret--try using parchment or wrapping paper instead.

p.s. a fun twist would be kamikaze surprise packages...assembling and mailing several out on the same day.  Just think of all the good cheer you'd spread!


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