stephmodo: Eugène Atget + Weekend Plans {or Lack Thereof!}

Eugène Atget + Weekend Plans {or Lack Thereof!}

• 01 March 2012

If I were in New York this weekend, I'd stop by the Eugène Atget exhibition at the MoMA so I could appreciate one of my favorite 20th century photographers up close and personal.  Alas, I am not in New York and will instead be here in Seattle listening to the rain fall as I fold laundry, rally my children to do their chores and bake cookies :)  Nothing super exciting, but you know what, sometimes you just need weekends to not be exciting.  Know what I mean? 

Have a good one friends!  A bientôt!

images by Eugène Atget, MoMa


  1. I went to the Atget exhibition last year in Madrid and loved it. Actually it was my sister's idea (she has lived in Paris for many years and Eugène Atget is one of her favourite photographers too) and a few weeks later I found the book of the exhibition in a bookstore and I've sent it to her as a gift so it was kind of your surprise package post of yesterday. She was so happy when she got it :-)
    Have a nice weekend!!

  2. Really adore that first picture!

  3. Sounds identical to our weekend...:)

  4. Love these images! So up my alley lately, cant seem to get enough.

  5. Ali, I love that story. I'm so glad you took the time to share. In my dreams I stumble on an old Atget photograph at a vide grenier :) #wishfulthinking

    Christine, I know, there's something about it...I felt it too.

    Liz, sometimes you gotta just chill. Feels good. Now I'm ready to party though!

    Nicole, I hope you make it're in the area, right?


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