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Organize a Closet + Feel True Happiness

• 27 March 2012

You must know that I'm not kidding when I say that...wink, wink :)

There is something extremely satisfying about de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing a messy closet.   For me, it was the hall closet that seemed to weigh me down the most--it was a hodge podge of board games, wellies, inspiration binders, craft supplies and a bunch of other stuff on the tippity top shelf that I can't see all too well (I'm vertically-challenged).  Until now, I always tossed random things in that closet and quickly shut the door (before it could fall out!).  The saying, "out of sight, out of mind" crossed my mind more than a few times, but I'm convinced the adage doesn't apply to closets :)

Whenever I passed that closet I couldn't help but think about what I knew was behind that door--all the muck.  As strange as it may sound, excess and disorganization gives of bad energy and can weigh us down emotionally too (plus, it's just nice to be aware of what you have on hand already as to avoid future, unnecessary purchases).  Keeping only what you really need/love brings a feeling of tranquility and confidence--a feeling that translates into all aspects of our lives.  I'm curious if any of you have felt the same?

image 1 - by Karl Anderson for IKEA  /  dust pan images via Alice Supply Co. 


  1. I have a closet or two (or three...) that sure could use some organization!

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  3. Don't we all?!

    I'm serious's crazy how wildly productive organizing just one closet makes you feel. Such a small and simple act, but incredibly satisfying!

  4. This is so true! My hall closet has been bothering me for years! Finally we had a chilly Saturday when Dad was home to entertain the kids, I emptied the thing out and didn't move until it was all put back together, neat as a pin and organized. It feels so good!!

  5. I have definitely felt the same. Organization changes everything. Yesterday, I tackled the junk drawer and top of the fridge. I feel so much better not having to look at that stuff.

  6. It really is refreshing!

    I'm re-reading parts of The Happiness Project and, just yesterday, was reading the portion about energy / organization. There really is something to it--at least for me.

  7. I laughed out loud when I saw your title - its true for me! I'm in the midst of cleaning out (spring, and an upcoming move are inspiring me) and some things I've put off for years are turning out to be quick and easy, and now I wonder why I put it off at all when it makes me feel so much better?

  8. Oh yes! I did our games the other day and it makes me happy to see them neat and ordered. Today's project - put away winter clothes - really put away, not stuff. I completely agree that disorder produces negative energy.

  9. Ah I always appreciate a post from an organization kindred spirit. I'm far from home at the moment but you have me wanting to run home and fix up my hall closet and my kitchen broom closet. You are so right that every time I walk past them I feel anxious. When I get home I will definitely take an hour and jump on those projects.

  10. Oh dear... my hall closet needs some serious help, too. The last time I organized that thing I labeled all the boxes so my husband wouldn't come asking where the...fill in the blank... was. I think I may need to start over again. Bummer. Thanks for the inspiration to do it!

  11. My project every night for the last few weeks has been to organize our hall closet, but every night I end up too tired. But I agree--once that thing is organized, I will know true happiness. ;)

  12. I think it's most certainly true. I thought it was interesting to read that you felt the clutter and disorganization give off bad energy and can weigh us down emotionally. There's a book called "Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui" that kind of addresses how different kinds of clutter in different places in our homes weigh us down in different ways and how to acknowledge that and overcome it. I currently have a closet that needs some attention. I'm always afraid of an avalanche when I get into it.

  13. I completely agree! Nothing makes me happier than a well organized closet/pantry/cupboard.....and nothing puts me in a sour mood faster than a cluttered, messy house. I've always been a bit ocd about organizing, but now that I'm pregnant again and feel that nesting instinct kicking in I'm on total organizing overdrive! Now if only I could convince my 5 year old to purge a bunch of toys. His room right now is like that hall closet where you just throw something in it and quickly shut the door :-)!

  14. I think I felt the same way during a trip I just took. Only having three nice shirts, a pair of jeans, & a dress for me; along with about five nice outfits for baby made getting dressed so easy. Sort of reduced clothes-closet clutter on the move.

    Marian, this link might prove useful:

  15. Oops, I messed up. Darcy, this link might help!

  16. Amber, we did the same...I had to have my 18-month-old out of the house for the two hour + plus project so luckily the husband stepped in to help (he is a big proponent of neat closets so he was all on board!).

    Leslie, I'm glad you feel satisfied! My junk drawer needs to be reorganized monthly I feel. Is that normal?

    kh, right on. I need to read more of that book. I like the premise a lot. Every snippet I read I wholly agree with.

    kbd, I'm glad you did I!

    Marian, I'm with you on that one. Still have a few snow boots straggling around (??).

    Kalani, good luck with that today...I hope it makes you feel better! Such a pain to do, but a lot of reward.

    Rik, Aaah, it sounds like you have a husband like mine :) Love it. I should label more, although I wonder if that would really help?!!

    Molly, nights are hard. The fatigue sets in and it's so difficult to be productive. I hear ya there.

    Annie, that book sounds interesting. I'll have to look for it at the library. Thanks for the rec!

    Darcy, I'm in the same boat with my kids. Last week I resorted to giving them 10 cents for each item they donated to charity. It wasn't a cure-all, but it helped clear a few things! Every little bit helps...

    Starr, such a great idea for packing. And a good reminder that it's quality and not quantity.

  17. One of my favorite things about living in a small European flat with a bit of uncertainty about how long we'll be here before returning to the States is that it forces you to really curate and organize your belongings.

  18. Organization is the best feeling. I told my husband I was a stress cleaner as I bleached the front of my fridge after cleaning and organizing the inside. Love this post!

  19. Marie, that's so true. When we lived over there I was pretty amazed at how happy we were despite the fact that we had very little with us (belonging-wise). It was a great lesson and has helped me be more interested in curating.

    Anika, can you come do that to my fridge? :)

  20. Starr--Thanks for the link. Lots of good tips and ideas to try!

    It would be a lot easier to organize the toys if my son wasn't attached to every single broken happy-meal toy and random trinket he's ever received. :-) Is it mean to just throw away/donate some toys when they're not looking?

    Steph--A 10 cent 'bribe' sounds like a fantastic solution! I may have to try that out this weekend!


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