Organize a Closet + Feel True Happiness

• 27 March 2012

You must know that I'm not kidding when I say that...wink, wink :)

There is something extremely satisfying about de-cluttering, cleaning and organizing a messy closet.   For me, it was the hall closet that seemed to weigh me down the most--it was a hodge podge of board games, wellies, inspiration binders, craft supplies and a bunch of other stuff on the tippity top shelf that I can't see all too well (I'm vertically-challenged).  Until now, I always tossed random things in that closet and quickly shut the door (before it could fall out!).  The saying, "out of sight, out of mind" crossed my mind more than a few times, but I'm convinced the adage doesn't apply to closets :)

Whenever I passed that closet I couldn't help but think about what I knew was behind that door--all the muck.  As strange as it may sound, excess and disorganization gives of bad energy and can weigh us down emotionally too (plus, it's just nice to be aware of what you have on hand already as to avoid future, unnecessary purchases).  Keeping only what you really need/love brings a feeling of tranquility and confidence--a feeling that translates into all aspects of our lives.  I'm curious if any of you have felt the same?

image 1 - by Karl Anderson for IKEA  /  dust pan images via Alice Supply Co. 


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