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Marais Shoes + other Links to Love

• 05 April 2012

Have you ever peeked at shoes from Marais USA?  Suann introduced me to them last year and I haven't forgotten them. For two months I've been eyeing these navy t-strap shoes and finally saved up enough to snag 'em...only to find they do not carry my size anymore :( They carry really cute oxfords (that changed my mind about oxfords--didn't care for 'em much before) and many other styles you don't see elsewhere.  The shoes aren't fussy or wild--just simply and carefully styled.

I love, love, loved one recent GOOP column about co-committment.  I can't stop thinking about what was said and now I'm ready to buy or check out this book. It seems like a must-read for anyone in or interested in having a stable, healthy and happy committed relationship.  #cheaptherapy

Victoria is a clever one I tell you.  Look what she came up with for her kids would totally dig this.  Even my older ones!

This is my favorite yogurt brand; and no matter what anyone says, coconut will always be the best flavor ever!


  1. Wow, the Goop column is a lot to think about. Some great ideas there.

  2. Kalani, yes, that was my thought exactly! I have a feeling the book is something you have to take in small, steady doses.

  3. Love your blog.. and I totally agree- Liberte coconut is the best!

  4. We discovered Liberte while on vacation last summer. We loved it! I believe the fig & plum, and the lemon were our favorites. I rather forgot about it until you wrote on it! I hope they will still have it come June!


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