Organizing Tip No. 28

• 09 April 2012

Organizing Tip No. 28

If you're struggling with motivation to tackle organizing/decorating projects in your home, simply plan a party or invite a friend to visit in 4 weeks.  

Some of you may think I'm kidding, but you must know that I'm entirely serious!  This is the best little tip for motivating oneself to wrap up all those projects you want to complete, but are not entirely motivated to do so.  You may also be wondering why I chose a specific time frame (4 weeks).  Well, a month seems to be the perfect amount of time for this type of thing for a couple of reasons; one, because it's close enough that you feel a sense of urgency.  And two, it's still a reasonable amount of time to tie up loose ends; and we all know that the secret to accomplishing goals is to make them reasonable to achieve.

Last month I penned a baby shower on my calendar and also found out that a good friend was coming for a visit (double dose of fun!) and I surprised myself at how quickly and efficiently I began plowing through all the little projects I've put on the back burner for months.  I finally redeemed my custom framing groupon, picked up a small piece of furniture on Craigslist (and sold a few things on C-list too), placed a tree in my living room, moved around some furniture and art, and bought some much-needed lamps for our bedroom nightstands.  The momentum is building and I am feeling much happier in my own home as a result.  I can't help but wonder why I didn't do this sooner?

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images from my oldest daughter's "San Francisco" party and my other daughter's "Hot Air Balloon" party


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