Savoring the Small Moments

• 22 May 2012

One morning last week, I was puzting around my kitchen assembling lunches and doing dishes after breakfast.  The sun shone in through the one window in my kitchen (always an exciting moment here in Seattle!) and as I was enjoying the moment, my thoughts turned to my children.  One was belting out Coldplay while trying to play the piano, another was running around with his latest Lego creation, and another was doing her best to avoid brushing her teeth :)  My baby, Gray, was simply trying to keep up with his siblings as he darted from room to room doing his darnedest to make his presence known :).

I closed my eyes for several seconds in attempt to take it all in...

I thought about these short, fleeting, tender moments when everything feels just right.  I wish I could say I felt this way all the time--or even often--but I don't.  I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but I do know that for me, savoring the brief experience is of the utmost importance to my overall sense of balance and one of my greatest pleasures in life.  So today, and in the future, try a little more savoring and enjoying; when you too feel the stars aligning, even for a few minutes.  Look for the silver linings.  Relish in the good kind of chaos.  And do your best to memorize every nuance because someday, when life feels more complicated, you'll give anything to relive these sweet moments over and over.  

image by Shannon Wight Photography


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