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Life is a Bowl of Cherries

• 06 June 2012

Spotting your favorite fruits and vegetables pop up at the market seasonally is one of my favorite aspects of grocery shopping.  It's feels like a small, but thoughtful gift from nature.  When I recently spotted some pretty Rainier cherries at the store, I knew I had to take some home for snacking.  As I washed 'em up, it was impossible to not think about the beauty wrapped around these unique stems and I decided to snap a quick picture while the lighting was good.  And then of course I started thinking about the saying "life is a bowl of cherries" (forgive me if this is beginning to sound like "If You Give a Pig a Pancake"...) and a podcast I listened to earlier that day.

From my perspective, the saying appears to be true.  But, there is a caveat: there will be pits.

I started thinking about all of the pits in my life.  It seems as I age, I experience, witness and am far more aware of the "pits" in my life and in the lives of others and sometimes it's difficult to not become bogged down in troubles.  I suppose that's the downside of growing up (the upside: wisdom, feeling more comfortable in your own skin, having more gratitude, etc.).  But when you consider the amount of fruit compared to the size of the pit, you realize there will always be more sweetness than sorrow; and that the positive aspects of life will always have the capacity to eclipse the negative aspects.  You realize the goodness in your life will always be greater than that which you don't have.  Your realize that you can spit out those darn pits, and then go right back to savoring the sweet fruit.

Now hurry out and grab yourself a handful of Rainiers and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

image by me 


  1. This reminded me of Erma Bombeck who said... If life is a bowl of cherries then why is my life the pits?

    Savoring the positive or focusing on the negative and missing out all together is one of life's greatest challenges it seems.

    Seems to me every thing of worth has the downside to remind us of its value... Roses and Thorns, Perfect lawns and prickles, Baby's skin and geriatric skin, chocolate and calories, muscles and exercise... the list goes on...

    C'est la vie - non?

    p.s. looking forward to some yummy Wa cherries :-p

  2. I love market cherries, and your analogy. Life is wonderful and the "pits" seem to be necessary to realize it.

  3. I do not know what to write to you .. picture perfect

  4. MLH, Erma is a clever the way she adds humor to situations.

    Valentina, I always appreciate your sweet comments. Thank you!

    Marilou, thank you and happy birthday!

    Brooke, yup, you're right there. We can't appreciate goodness without some of the crummy stuff too...

  5. Lovely photo and great wisdom. I'm dealing with a lot of disappointment lately, and your words reminded me that you can't enjoy the fruit without dealing with the pits!

  6. Ah, such lovely fruit philosophy. There is always more fruit than pit...

  7. Nice article!Great photo!I love cherries!Thanks for sharing!

  8. I love this. Such a positive take on trials that come our way. I love the idea to focus on the fruit, and remember that pits are a pain, but a necessary part of live. And without those pits, there would be no further fruit! It's good to remember what you said about how it's more important to savor the fruit than to dwell on the pits.

    Thanks for the perspective.

  9. Thanks for the notes I just need to keep reminding myself this over and over!


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