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A Treats + Terrariums Workshop

• 10 June 2012

Lately I've been enjoying the sprinkling of terrariums around my home very much.  These little creations make me so happy and I've realized more fully that it's the little things that fill the rare, quiet moments in life with steady doses of joy.  Feeling inspired, I've decided to host a workshop and spend a few hours focusing on two things I love most--treats and terrariums.

Since terrariums are typically pricey to purchase, learning how to make one on your own is a wonderful, useful skill to have.  I'm so excited to share my knowledge with you and help you create a beautiful little universe to place in your own living space.  Of course, no workshop is complete without treats so we will be indulging in some delicious, homemade desserts as well (stretchy pants welcome!).

The workshop fee is $75 and includes everything you'll need to make a terrarium--a gorgeous, glass vessel, plants, accessories, etc.  Your take home from the experience will be a new, lifetime skill; a beautiful terrarium, a cookbook and a full stomach :)  Workshop is limited to 8 guests and will take place in my sister's beautiful backyard in Shoreline, Washington on Saturday, June 23rd from 2-4 p.m.  It will be so fun to gather, create, chat and partake on a more intimate level with you. I cannot wait!

Please email me at to sign up.  Thanks!

images by me, stephanie brubaker


  1. Why can't I live closer? Darn! Lucky for the Seattle folk though:) That is a great idea!

  2. ack! I am hosting a baby shower that afternoon--otherwise I would have been there in a heartbeat!

  3. Oh man! I live in Shoreline but work on the weekends. This sounds like soooo much fun!By chance will you be selling Sel Gris in your shop again?

  4. Both look amazing!! I wish you lived in this Washington or I lived in that one!

  5. Oh how I wish I could be there ...


  6. Oh bummer, I was just in Shoreline (In-laws on NW191st St) for Memorial Day weekend. I would have loved to meet you.
    Your loyal reader,
    Florence in New York

  7. That's terrarium is uber cute! Can you suggest of a good site to learn how to make them? I agree about the simple things bringing lots of joy =)
    Hannah Rosette

  8. I LOVE your terrarium and wish I could make it up there! :( I've never seen one with white sand like that! Doesn't it need any dirt? You always make your treats so pretty! You are so creative and crafty! Love love!

  9. PS. Love the scarf tutorial too! Scarves are my new favorite accessory!

  10. Oh man! I REALLY wish I could come since I'm in the area but i'm taking a weekend trip to Portland with the hubs! Maybe next time, sounds amazing!

  11. I wish you could all be there too. Seriously, that would be a blast!


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