A Parisian Dîner en Blanc in Seattle

• 16 August 2012

Just over a year ago, when I posted about Le Dîner en Blanc--Paris' flash mob picnic dinner in white--I felt a fascination with the event growing within me.  The idea of a spontaneous, surprise dinner picnic in an unexpected, urban setting is quite unusual and I love it!  I find that expanding life experiences beyond the norm is what conjures inspiration the most.  So participating in the dîner en blanc here in Seattle was a welcomed invitation indeed.

To view all the images I snapped from the dîner--and to read more about the experience--click "read more" below (look below left).  Admittedly, I kind of went crazy taking pictures...:)

After receiving the invitation on Saturday morning, the rest of the day was filled with buzz and excitement as Ben and I figured out last minute childcare, what to wear, and what to bring to eat.  The adrenalin rush in place, we checked things off our list (mostly thanks to my friend Cristina!) and "divided and conquered"--our mantra these days it seems.

The entire group of about 250 people arrived in white within 15 minutes of each other.  A bouquet of balloons marked the spot, which we only found out about 90 minutes prior to arrival.  We all unloaded our picnic fare and waited for the music to start...at 6:30 pm sharp.  Then, our large group headed to the end of the pier and assembled our tables together, according to the map emailed just prior to the dîner as well.

What I enjoyed most about the evening was the comraderie and excitement in the air.  Everyone was thrilled to be there and seemed to be enjoying the experience.  Many offered to share their dinners and desserts with other guests--strangers even--and there was much back and forth between friends old and new.  `What is in this trifle?' and `Would you mind sharing your recipe for the chocolate mousse?' amongst other inquiries.  Based on the laughs and smiles I observed around me, you'd think everyone had been friends for a long time.  It warmed my heart.

Our group was eclectic, thanks to my friend Petra, who is one of the best hostesses I know (p.s. did you catch her home/tower tour last year?).  Everyone in our group contributed to the meal, so it was a gourmet potluck of sorts.  Truthfully, that's the best kind of meal in my book.

As the evening wound down, more and more people walked around to socialize with one another (or in my case...people watch :)).  Sparklers were passed around and we all celebrated the evening as a group one last time before heading our respective ways.  We stayed until the organizers left, not wanting to bid adieu to this luminous evening until the absolute last moment.


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