stephmodo: Lemonade Stand: Blueberry Basil Limeade

Lemonade Stand: Blueberry Basil Limeade

• 19 August 2012

I know, I know.  Limeade isn't lemonade.  But it's close...darn close.  And certainly just as delicious and refreshing, yes?  I hope you agree that Blueberry Basil Limeade has a place in the Lemonade Stand Series and that you'll enjoy it like I do!  I thought this was an interesting way to put to use  these delicious berries that are in season right now (we've had a grand ol' time picking them this year), as well as the basil that many of you grow in your gardens.  

We can't get enough of blueberries lately.  And when we start to tire of them (is it possible?), we will simply freeze them for later.  All you need to do is wash them, take off any remaining stems, and lay them in a single layer across a parchment-lined cookie sheet.  Then slide the sheet into the freezer for a few hours until they are firm.  Then pour them into a freezer ziploc bag for a future date.  

Here's to enjoying the last month of summer with every fiber of our being!  Here in the Pacific Northwest, we probably enjoy it more than the average person as we know there are many months ahead without sunshine.  So savor it all...and in this case, drink up!

images by me


  1. those are making my mouth water as i read!

  2. Do you know about "Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation: Fighting Cancer One Cup at a Time"?
    Kid's (or grown-ups) set up a Lemonade Stand and send the profits to this group. The website helps kids get the word out. It's fun and a good "giving to others" opportunity for the young ones. There have been a few Alex stands in our neighborhood this summer.

  3. I found that I can pick the berries and put them straight in the freezer. I rinse/wash them to defrost them. I've been doing this for years with great success.

  4. Katy, I recently discovered the beauty of freezing berries and am thrilled with the possibilities this will allow me. So easy, right?

  5. Oh dear me - this looks like my kind of tasty beverage! Love the pictures!

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